NetAlive Design Tools

The NetAlive design tool is WYSIWYG for both function and appearance -- like a spreadsheet. NetAlive has a single "design surface" for both visual and functional aspects of the application. A graphic designer is at home with NetAlive because they can drag-and-drop visual components onto the surface. A user familiar with a spreadsheet will be at home as well because they can connect components on the surface. (There is also a programmer's level in NetAlive for constructing components.)

The WYSIWYG nature of NetAlive is a factor in the very tight integration between the viewer and design tool -- in fact, they are the same program. This single program has a set of commands that let the user view and change both the function and appearance of the application. When all NetAlive's commands are enabled, the program is running as a design tool. By disabling subsets of the commands that change appearance, function, or both, this single program acts as a full or mini viewer or at various levels of the design tool.

The design tool is an aid for constructing programs in the NetAlive language. This language has several interesting features:

This site has descriptions of the technology, the NetAlive program (free during a trial period), tutorials and sample applications

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The textual hyperlink gives information on each demonstration; the launches the application, but produces an error if you have not downloaded NetAlive first.